Ensemble of Recorder Players Vivat Flauto

The ensemble of recorder players called Vivat Flauto and led by Blanka Vysloužilová is formed by grouping of players from three chamber ensembles - Flauto Vispo, Flauto Giocoso and Flauto Giubiloso.

The ensemble Vivat Flauto was founded in 1997. Since then it passed through several stages, in which the formation of the ensemble transformed fundamentally how you can trace in the section Photos. The ensemble had six players originally, it has 20 members at present and is headquartered in Modřany Cultural Centre "12", Jordana Jovkova No. 3427, Prague 4, where players regularly perform at various occasions.

The core repertoire consists of Renaissance and Baroque works, but the ensemble enriches its performances with interpretation of contemporary music, folk songs and jazz.

In the past, the ensemble actively participated in a set of concerts not only on the territory of the home city quarter Prague 12, but also performed in various places of our country. It participated in nationwide competitions where it stood on the podium several times. It was invited to the International Festival "European Days of Music" in the town Stochov in 2010 and 2013. The ensemble has performed at the "National Festival of Non-professional Chamber and Symphonic Ensembles / Orchestras - IX., X. or XI. Biennial of Flute and Recorder Ensembles in Boskovice" in 2010, 2012 and 2014. Presentation of part of the ensemble was successful on the European Music Festival for Young People in Neerpelt, Belgium, in 2011 (1st prize) and on the International Festival Bratislava Cantat 2013 (Golden Band).

Over the years, it has taken recordings for six CDs. The first was released in 2004 with the name "CRISSCROSS through the Centuries ...", the second and third published in 2007 under the title "ad libitum" and "Come In", the fourth from 2011 is entitled "Box of Music", the fifth CD named "THE MYSTERY OF VIBRATION" was launched in December 2015, the last one from 2020 called "Christmas Cuteness" brings carols and songs for Advent and Christmas time.